You May Have Heard Of The Phrase
"Lead With Your Best Offer"
Well Now You Can... On Autopilot.

At Last, A Simple Method For Getting JV Partners To WANT To Do Business With You - And Return Time & Time Again...


You already know that Joint Ventures can be hugely profitable...

Joint Ventures are the quickest, easiest and surest methods of making huge amounts of money on the internet - IF DONE CORRECTLY.

Unfortunately, most people who attempt joint ventures do it all wrong... the joint ventures they create are time, money and energy vampires. They suck up huge amounts of resources from their business...

Which often makes joint ventures not worth the hard effort and time that goes into them.

"But I Thought Joint Ventures Are A Good Thing?!?"

That can very often not be the case....

Joint Ventures are only valuable if the time spent creating them gives sufficient pay back...

For a successful joint venture you need to have the following:

  •   A Win-Win deal based on price, offer and fair compensation - Most people can get this far and set up an attractive deal.

  •   A sales process and website page that reflects this deal for every individual joint venture partner - If you have more than one JV partner this can be a huge amount of work yanking you away from critical tasks.

  •   Your deals should be tailor-made for each JV partner, including unique price, offer and bespoke messages specifically for the visitors they refer.

So, if you are serious about creating JV's it is absolutely critical you have a system that automatically sets up your tailor-made joint ventures in just minutes.

"122 sales in just three days..."

" Getting your JV offers just right is very important for the success of any new product launch.

It's by far the quickest and easiest way of getting buyers to your product, nothing I've found compares with it.

For my last product over 86% of the sales have come through JV's, three of my JV partners were responsible for 122 sales in just three days...

Being able to offer your JV's bespoke landing pages and discount rates for their subscribers can make a huge difference to their desire to work with you, but doing it by hand is an absolute pain..."

Matt Garrett

"Set Up Joint Ventures in 2.5 Minutes Flat!"

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  •   Why are you working hard for traffic when others will happily give it to you on a plate for no upfront payment?

  •   Are you really giving potential JV partners the incentives they need to do business with you?

  •   Can you automatically create flexible deals for each JV Partner quickly and easily without setting up new pages for each partner?

  •   Can you automatically change your sales page so that each visitor referred to the site sees targeted messages?

  •   Can you remove your popin/ popup for specifc Joint Venture partners?

  •   Can you change your order method which allows different payment methods for different referrers?

  •   Can you use the same landing page for all joint venture partners and referrers, yet still show tailored messages for everyone?

  •   Can you have one landing page that will automatically change to perfectly fit your advertising method and message?

  •   Can you quickly and easily cloak purchase links to protect and secure affiliate commissions for your partners? This is key to running a credible affiliate program - If you can't do this you are losing massive amounts of joint venture opportunities

  •   Can you remove links to your affiliate program on your page for some joint venture partners? - Showing your affiliate link allows people to steal commission from your potential partner, so why would they do business with you?

Hi - My name's Richard and with my partner we have been quietly making money online for the last 3.5 years.

Before starting our online business we ran a successful consulting company, and we learned the easiest way to create a profitable business was through leveraging other peoples' time, energy and expertise ...

It always makes sense to use the strength of others for your advantage - especially when they gain as well -

We sell dozens of digital products online, and we created JV plugin to allow us to quickly and easily create Joint Ventures, as well as create content that is focused and meaningful to the site visitor...

Higher Conversions and More Profit - Automatically...

This has given us incredible increases in sales and allowed us to create more partnerships than we ever thought possible.

JV Plugin is a simple system that can be added to any site to easily leverage joint venture deals and show related content to any site visitor.

Here's what JV Plugin can do for you:

  •   Add or replace content on your landing page with content that is laser targeted to the joint venture partner and the traffic they send to you.

  •   Offer alternative payment methods for different referrers - Don't limit your JV Partners to only one payment method offer them a choice... Don't let quibbles over the payment method stop the deal from happening.

  •   Include JV partners tracking links or scripts on your landing page/ sales page - This amazing feature gives the potential partner the 'warm and fuzzies'... They no longer need to guess that you are being honest with them.

  •   Make all pages dynamically change to match the marketing message for each referrer - This is huge. Nothing "greases" the sales funnel more than a consistant marketing message.

  •   Easily add or remove elements from your site to increase the chance of bagging a joint venture partner - some partners do not want affiliate links or popins showing on your page. So, remove annoying page elements automatically for specific partners.

    If you can't do this you will drastically reduce the number of partners you will get.

  •   Cloak purchase links for clickbank and other payment providers (and for merchants using clickbank, you only need to set up one order redirect page for ALL your partners, and JVplugin will automatically insert the correct information)

  •   Split test offers from PPC campaigns or "bum" marketing - Or even better, do what we do and integrate JV plugin with split testing systems like the FREE Google Website Optimizer and see conversions ROCKET!

  •   You can create bespoke download or thank you pages for each joint venture partner - Allowing even greater customization of the offer for each joint venture you create....

    If you want to give an extra bonus for visitors from a specific JV partner when they purchase - JV Plugin gives you the power to it, automatically.

  •   Offer special deals to your own subscribers without having to spend hours setting up new pages - you can even use different payment processors for each deal, without having to set up a new page ever.

The simplicity of this system doesn't do justice to the power it puts in your hands.

"...bespoke messages of my choice"

"Partnering with Richard meant I could promote his product and enhance credibility with my customers by showing them I personally negotiated a special discounted offer on their behalf through bespoke messages of my choice that appeared on the sales page."

John Hillage

Let me take you through some examples of how you can use this system to get amazing results in just 5 minutes...

Example 1 - Setting up a joint venture with Bill offering his visitors a discount.

Example 2 - Setting up a joint venture with John offering a discount and personal message.

Example 3 - Setting up a joint venture with Jerry. This includes a different payment processor, guarantee, messages and discount.

Example 4 - Offering your own subscribers a summer sale price reduction.

Example 5 - Visitiors referred from a PPC engine, like Google, Yahoo or MSN are shown dynamic keyword specific pages.


These videos just scratch the surface of how JV Plugin can be used to help rapidly expand your business using the easiest profit building process in the world - Joint Ventures.

JV Plugin has been designed to be simple to use, quick to install and easy to add information to for new referrers including dynamic content.

Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to install JV Plugin along with an installation video will take you through the easy installation process.

It only takes 2.5 minutes to install the program and you're up and running!

Screen shot of the JV Plugin Main Menu:

Screen shot showing where you set joint venture parameters and add the personalized content you would like to show on the landing page:

JV Plugin is so simple to use you can be automating and profiting from joint ventures in minutes...

"Everything was great... Videos clear and concise, script install v fast and easy. Was up and running in minutes.

The GUI is simplicity itself..."

Webmaster of BigArticles.com

Grab your copy of JV Plugin today. It is an instant download so it will be downloaded and installed on your website within minutes.

And if you grab JV Plugin today you'll also get these special bonuses:

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Bonus 4: Free Installation Service (value $50.00)
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The next step is yours. Go ahead and click the order link below.


** Note: JV Plugin uses the rewrite engine (mod_rewrite). If you are not sure if this is enabled on your hosting service (it is on the large majority of hosts) then please contact you host provider to check.

P.S. That's right, You get the incredible JV Plugin software, plus the "Uncovering Hidden Joint Venture Partners for Massive Profit" report (worth $37.77) the Joint Venture Management System and Indepth Training Videos (value $priceless) for the incredibly low price of <%message8%> .


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